The Waterproof Spray

The Waterproof Spray

The final quarter of the year is swiftly approaching, and before I realize it, it will mark my seventh year of residing in Singapore! It feels like just yesterday when I made the move from Japan, and initially, adapting to the distinctive tropical climate of this city posed quite a challenge.

The initial years were a period of adjustment, contending with the summer temperatures, winds, and the unique climate of Southeast Asia. Managing my leather goods, such as shoes and jackets, presented its own set of challenges.

Given the frequent rainfall in Singapore, the most dependable solution for safeguarding leather goods is the application of waterproof spray. This method proves effective for both regular leather and suede leather. However, it's worth noting that the efficacy of its long-lastingness may not be as enduring as one might expect, so it's advisable to apply it before heading out. The spray forms a protective layer of waterproof and stain-resistant film on the leather's surface, providing peace of mind even if an unexpected downpour occurs!

The application process is straightforward. Simply shake the spray bottle and apply it from a distance of about 30 cm. Ensure even coverage, paying special attention to the front part of the shoes for enhanced waterproofing.

*It's crucial to bear in mind that the effectiveness of the waterproofing is subjective to the shoe material and conditions.

In the event that your shoes become wet, a key piece of advice is to let them thoroughly dry before wearing them again. Wearing damp shoes can foster bacterial growth and harm the leather. Leather soles, in particular, are more susceptible to wear and tear when wet, making them prone to scratches and scrapes.

By adhering to these simple precautions, you can significantly preserve the quality of your leather shoes!


About the Author

Yohei is employed by GMT Inc, the parent company of Jalan Sriwijaya, which manages various footwear brands from around the globe. Within this organization, he has gained experience working with prominent retailers such as Isetan Men’s and Ladies. Yohei has been residing in Singapore since 2017, spanning six years.

His hobbies encompass a passion for leather shoes, vintage clothing, music, martial arts, and travel.

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