Kick Back in Style

Kick Back in Style

Hello! Here at Orchard Road, the festive season is kicking in with Christmas decorations all over the main street. After a few years of residing in Singapore, I've grown accustomed to celebrating Christmas in a tropical country. While last year's decorations were a personal favorite, this year's display is equally thrilling, capturing the true spirit of Christmas. If you find yourself in the Orchard area, do drop by!

In today's blog, I'd like to share some insights into styling and coordinating outfits, a topic often inquired about when I'm in-store. This entry will specifically focus on casual styles. While sneakers offer comfort, I suggest incorporating leather shoes into casual outfits for an added touch of elegance!


Style 1: Gurkha Sandals

The first shoe model for this coordination is a pair of gurkha sandals. For this look, I simply pair them with a linen cuban shirt and cargo pants. Although they can also be paired with shorts, the short-sleeved shirt with long cargo pants combo strikes a balanced look. This particular pair of gurkha sandals are crafted with black grain leather which compliments well with the earthy color tones of the brown shirt and olive pants and ties the whole look together.



Style 2: Penny Loafers

The second style includes a long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and brown penny loafers. The basic idea is similar to the first coordination but utilizing lighter tones, (light purple shirt + faded jeans) which are then nicely finished with our brown penny loafers to bring the look together. Jeans are a staple item and I often pair them with a classic long-sleeved shirt. This combination transforms the typically casual denim style into a more sophisticated look. In addition, by wearing them with leather shoes (loafers) you can create a more dressier, polished look, as opposed to wearing them with sneakers. Lastly, just roll up the shirt sleeves to add an effortless look. The key point is to add or subtract items, details, and colors from the overall style to create a good balance.  Given the chilly indoor environments with air-conditioning in Singapore, a versatile approach involves tucking in a T-shirt and layering it with a long-sleeved shirt that can be removed when outdoors.

Today we delved into two casual coordination patterns. On a daily basis, I love to think about casual style coordination and formal styles too, so if you have any questions about styling, feel free to ask me in-store! Hope to see you soon!


About the Author

Yohei is employed by GMT Inc, the parent company of Jalan Sriwijaya, which manages various footwear brands from around the globe. Within this organization, he has gained experience working with prominent retailers such as Isetan Men’s and Ladies. Yohei has been residing in Singapore since 2017, spanning six years. His hobbies encompass a passion for leather shoes, vintage clothing, music, martial arts, and travel. 

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