A Japanese & Indonesian partnership dedicated to the craft of hand-welted leather shoes that combines elegance with affordability

About Fortuna Shoes

With an illustrious heritage of over 80 years in the art of leather shoe-making, Fortuna Shoes emerges as a pioneering emblem in the domain of footwear craftsmanship. Guiding this innovative journey is the visionary leader, Mr.Dede Chandra, whose relentless pursuit of advancements in shoemaking technology has reshaped the industry. Introducing an exquisite line of "hand-sewn welted" shoes, meticulously crafted from the finest European materials, Mr.Chandra has breathed life into a technique that has grown rare in today's global landscape. The crowning glory of this endeavor is the birth of Jalan Sriwijaya, a masterfully crafted leather shoes brand that seamlessly merges opulence with affordability.

About GMT Tokyo

Our parent company, GMT Tokyo, is a trailblazer in the Japanese footwear industry, overseeing the distribution of well-known brands throughout Japan and Asia, such as Paraboot, Island Slipper, G.H. Bass, Tricker's, and Fabio Rusconi. In addition to this, we also operate shoe maintenance workshops and fashion select stores within Japan.

Our in-house brand, Jalan Sriwijaya, was established over two decades ago in Japan as a product of our enduring friendship and collaboration with Fortuna Shoes in Bandung. The brand's name pays homage to the dedicated craftsmen in Indonesia, taking inspiration from the very street where the factory stands. Jalan Sriwijaya has gained popularity both within Japan and internationally, with numerous stores across Japan and a flagship store nestled in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore's prominent shopping district. Renowned for its commitment to offering high-quality hand-welted leather shoes for men and women, the brand has built a distinguished reputation worldwide.