The Ultimate Guide to Horsehair Brushes

The Ultimate Guide to Horsehair Brushes

Hey! This is Yohei from Jalan Sriwijaya Singapore. I stayed in Singapore for the whole month of August. Did you guys happen to go anywhere last month?
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Recently, I have been wondering what to write about for the first article of this blog. I thought I would take a quick look back at the different brushes utilized when polishing leather shoes.

How about you? What kind of brushes do you use at home and how do you use them?
In-store, we use a wide range of brushes when polishing leather shoes, depending on the purpose and condition of each pair. It is very fascinating to see the different types of modern shoe brushes that are available nowadays.

First of all, I would like to introduce horsehair brushes.
Horsehair brushes are super versatile and easy to use!
If you are looking to purchase just one brush, this is the ideal choice for your needs.
Horsehair has a distinctively soft characteristic with long bristles.
This brush is especially useful for the initial step of dusting before you polish. The length and softness of the bristles, which are unique to horsehair, can be used to remove dust from the surface of the leather and accumulated dirt from the grooves between the shoe and the welt. It’s an excellent brush to own.

Horsehair brushes are easy to use. Simply hold the brush firmly with your dominant hand and gently brush the shoe using the entire surface of the brush. Brush the surface of the shoe entirely; from the upper to the part in between the welts, and the shoe tongue that is usually hidden by the shoelaces. In addition, it is an important point to gently brush out any dirt from the creases as well.

This act of removing any mud, dust, or sand is crucially essential before proceeding to the next step of stain removal.

At Jalan Sriwijaya Singapore, we also carry basic horsehair brushes available for purchase. Please try them out when you’re in store! (Retails for $24 w/tax)

There are so many types of brushes when it comes to shoe polishing in which we will discuss further in the next blog article!

To be continued. Thanks for reading!


About the Author
Yohei is employed by GMT Inc, the parent company of Jalan Sriwijaya, which manages various footwear brands from around the globe. Within this organization, he has gained experience working with prominent retailers such as Isetan Men’s and Ladies. Yohei has been residing in Singapore since 2017, spanning six years.
His hobbies encompass a passion for leather shoes, vintage clothing, music, martial arts, and travel.
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