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The Ultimate Guide to Boar-hair & Synthetic Brushes
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The Ultimate Guide to Boar-hair & Synthetic Brushes

Hello everyone! It's hard to believe how swiftly this year has passed. Before we realize it, we're down to just three months remaining in 2023. Let’s hope we can all spend a lot of quality time with our loved ones and enjoy the rest of the year.

By the way, our Shoe Polishing Festival is still ongoing until the 17th of September! So do check it out when you have time. Click here for more info!

Now, to continue our discussion on shoe polishing brushes from the last blog article. Today, let’s talk about boar-hair and synthetic fiber-brushes. These two are both classified as hard brushes and serve the same purpose. The bristles are shorter and stiffer than those of horsehair, making it easier to apply more pressure when needed. Normally, these brushes are used after shoe cream is applied on the upper leather.

After applying cream to the leather (either with your fingers or cloth), allow a little bit of time for the cream to absorb into the leather. Once the leather has absorbed the cream, we need to remove the excess cream that remains on the surface by utilizing these boar-hair or synthetic-fiber brushes. Once you remove the excess cream off, the surface of the leather will look supple and shiny. This is an important process to remember.

At Jalan Sriwijaya, we offer a variety of synthetic-fiber brushes available for purchase in-store.Retails at $15 incl/tax.

As I have mentioned on the previous blog article, if you are going to opt for one brush only, I would still recommend the horsehair brush. However, if you would like to give more shine to the leather after the cream has been absorbed, give these hard brushes a try!

That’s all for now :) See you next time!

About the Author
Yohei is employed by GMT Inc, the parent company of Jalan Sriwijaya, which manages various footwear brands from around the globe. Within this organization, he has gained experience working with prominent retailers such as Isetan Men’s and Ladies. Yohei has been residing in Singapore since 2017, spanning six years.
His hobbies encompass a passion for leather shoes, vintage clothing, music, martial arts, and travel.

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