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Shoe Last

A shoe last is a model shaped like a foot used in the shoe-making process. Lasts are typically made from materials such as wood or plastic and are used to determine the shoe's size, shape, and design. Shoemakers and manufacturers use the last to create the upper part of the shoe (the part that covers the foot) and to attach the sole (the bottom part of the shoe). The shape of the last significantly affects the shoe's fit and comfort, making it crucial to understand the characteristics of the last when fitting leather shoes.


Jalan Sriwijaya's classic last (shoe form) offers a standard fit for both foot width and instep height. The toe shape strikes a perfect balance, being neither too rounded nor too pointed. This last pairs well with suits and formal attire, ensuring a polished and comfortable look.

This last is slightly wider than the 11120 model, making it an excellent choice for those who need a bit more room in the width. The toe shape is also slightly rounded, providing a comfortable fit. This last pairs well with casual outfits, offering both style and comfort.

This last has a sharp, sleek design overall. While the toe shape is narrower compared to the 11120 and Edward lasts, the opening is wider, reducing any feeling of tightness when worn. It is an excellent choice for those looking for shoes with a sharp and refined appearance.

This last is designed with a wide fit, specifically used for loafers in the Jalan Sriwijaya lineup. It provides a comfortable wearing experience and offers a relaxed look that other lasts do not. It pairs well with casual attire, ensuring both style and comfort.