Leather tanneries

There are many leather tanneries in the world. One of the most renowned leather suppliers in the world is tannerie d'annonay , they supply leather to many luxurious brands and amongst their clientele is one of the most famous bag makers, Hermes.

The french fashion house has actually bought tannerie d'annoay in 2013 for an undisclosed amount to secure and curate the leather supplies for their own brand. From a business stand point, it actually makes perfect sense to be in full control of your supplies when you have the financial means. Many other fashion power house have followed suit in the light then LVMH has also bought a Singaporean Crocodile tannery in Singapore, Heng Long, in 2011.

Crisis-defying demand for luxury goods, coming mainly from Asia, has put pressure on production capacity and on supplies of high quality raw materials, leading brands to fight for them and even buy some of them up to secure their needs.

As we all stand and fight against the worse crisis the current world has ever seen in the last 5 decades, the enemy is invisible and it comes in the form of a viruses. what would this mean to the future of factories and luxury brands across the globe?

We as a leather shoe brand ourself are also trying to overcome the difficulties that lies ahead as the retail landscape will no longer look the same. We also get our french calf leather supplies from D'annonay and we do not wish to compromise the quality of the leather that we have been using. Other cost cutting measures have been taken into consideration so that our products remain the same quality and to ensure that the prices will also remain the same.

We have seen some light at the end of this long tunnel and hopefully we will be able to become stronger when this saga is over.