Introduction to Mens dress shoes

Owning a pair of dress shoes is not just a fashion statement, it is a necessity worth your investment, this applies for the even the the everyday jeans and sneakers guy like myself! I personally like loafers as they are easy and convenient to just slip on and i can always dress up or down with them.

Today i will just start off with the basics of a classsic pair of Oxfords and here is a short break down of what makes a quality pair of dress shoes and things that you should keep a look out for in terms of the construction of a shoe.

From front to back, a dress shoe consists of four parts: toe, vamp, facing, and quarter. It’s the placement and construction of these four pieces that determine the individuality of a dress shoe. The last used during shoe assembly can affect the overall fit of a shoe, and all lasts include the following dimensions: Heel width. Instep height. Forefoot width.

Oxford shoes have a long history in menswear and have evolved over time, these shoes have a closed laced system, meaning that the shoelace eyelets are attached under the vamp. Here are some basic oxford models for your consideration when choosing a style or design to suit your individual taste.



Oxfords are the most basic and timeless style that can never go wrong, they are excellent starting point for people who are just looking to own their first pair of dress shoes. 

This a classic cap toe in black, of course over the course of time different types of leather and varify of color and different type of finishes have been applied to this classic silhouette. The most popular amongst people's choices are still black and brown.