Covid 19 Phase 2

As we enter into the Phase 2 of our circuit breaker measures in Singapore, long queues were seen at the entrances of malls and some shops in Orchard Road. Many restaurants were also filled, with diners eager to have a meal outside their homes for the first time in more than two months. Many have just celebrated Father's Day on Sunday 21st June and all were filled with excitement in heading out to different eateries and resturant to spend some quality time with their families. Many people's mentality shout "Freedom!" I hope everyone is still aware of community cases that still exsist within our little island, as many try to normalised back to their usual lifestyle. I hope people will still be mindful that we are not totally out of the woods and taking necessary precautions are still vital during such trying times. 

I am also glad to inform our customers that we have resume to open our stores from 11am - 8 pm daily. We placed checking in and out QR codes at the store entrance and have also placed hand sanitisers and safe distancing markings within the store as a reminder for everyone.

I look forward to seeing all our regular customers and i hope that everyone will still continue to stay safe and work hard in battling this virus together as a community.